The Future of Collegium Musicum

Dear Friends,

Time have passed since you heard about the sad news about Annemarie and the responses Driekje and I have received show how much she is loved and respected as a genuinely lovely lady and also as a musician and a motivator.

We plan to start rehearsing once again after such a long time on September 21st but we will meet in a different venue – the Danish Church in Las Lagunas (information to follow in another email).

You may well understand that I have found it really difficult to prepare the music for Christmas; I have feared for some time that it was very likely that my dearest friend and colleague, Annemarie, would not be able to play her part as usual but she was interested and involved in what I was planning.

Together we had decided to carry on with the idea of Christmas Music from Scandinavia (as was planned for the Christmas Concert in 2020) and we have a really nice programme in place now for this coming Christmas.

Annemarie has given me her blessing to step in and I trust that you will be happy for me to do so for the immediate future; decisions will have to be made subsequently as to the long term, of course.

I sincerely hope that as many of you as possible will return to the ranks of the Choir and Orchestra because we will be dedicating the Christmas Concert/s to our wonderful Annemarie. The musical flame that she has carried aloft for such a long time must not be allowed to extinguish.

Best regards,


President – Collegium Musicum Costa del Sol

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