Social Event – Collegium Musicum

Social Event – Collegium Musicum

Collegium Musicum Social Event – Fun Quiz Night 2022

We finally held our yearly quiz again after 2 years of absence due to the pandemic. At rehearsals we do not have time to talk with each other so our social events gives opportunity to connect and hear each other stories. You also get the chance to get to know someone who might not be singing or playing in your section.

We are from so many different countries but our President, Delyth very cleverly designs the quiz so that you only needed your eyes and ears. No language skills required. Members were divided in teams and Delyth challenged us on our general know-how, from identifying places to placing music pieces in countries. Listening to different music pieces you had to identify which place they were singing about or the persons.

Being a competitive bunch we do need a score and the end result was very close. Everybody brought a dish to share and we had a scrumptious buffet with amongst other delicious dishes homemade bread from Granada, guacamole made from homegrown avocados, sweet baklava and mini cheesecakes. At the end of the evening we were all mentally and physically replenished spending time with friends and looking forward to the next one already!

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